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    Lifetime guarantee on most repairs

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  • Enjoy your car more!

    A smooth running well maintained vehicle will break down less and be more enjoyable to drive.

    Ask us about our maintenance program that will keep your car in top condition through the life of the car.

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    car maintenance
  • Protect Your Vehicle!

    Ask us about special rust prevention, treatments as well as treatments to clean every component to keep your vehicle in top shape.

    Get up to $6000 Warranty!

    See if your vehicle qualifies for one of our premium maintenance programs that gives you up to $6000 to repair any part that is covered.

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  • Sell your vehicle for more $$$

    Proper maintenance and conditioning can increase the value of your vehicle when it is time to sell it.

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    car maintenance
  • European Cars? Diesel? Tucks? Jeeps?

    Bring it on, we’re not afraid.
    Fair prices for everyone.

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  • Oh Yes, Motorcycles too.

    Certified Harley Techs Experienced with Metric as well.
    What customization do you want. Hand Made Pipes perhaps?

    If it has a motor we can fix it. ATV’s etc.

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Quality Repair and Maintenance In Logan, Utah

No hidden costs, no up selling of unnecessary items. We feel a personal responsibility to bringing solutions to problems that can arise with your vehicle.

Automotive and Motorcycle Repair

When life gives you lemons, we make lemonade. From maintenance to rebuilding engines, we are here to make this process as smooth as possible. Our shop is equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment and expert certified mechanics in Logan, Utah to help diagnose your vehicle accurately and efficiently. Some of our services include but are not limited to:

Tuning Chips

Modifying the vehicle’s computer to improve performance and increase gas mileage savings.


Regular maintenance can increase vehicle value, while reducing likelihood of major repairs in the future.

Towing Available

For when your vehicle breaks down and you can’t drive it to the shop.

Alternators & Starters

Major Engine Repairs

We can help you determine if it is a better value to fix or replace the parts or just replace your vehicle.

If It Has A Motor We’ll Fix It

That funny noise won’t be a bother anymore.


Not sure why that light is on, or what that noise is? Don’t leave it to chance!  We’ll track down the actual problem instead of replacing parts and guessing.

Brakes, Brake & Clutch Fluid

Keeping your vehicle safe from accidents by staying on top of what matters most.

Transmission Service

Fluid replacement, cleaning service, diagnostics, and some repair.

Jeep & 4x4 Accessories and Lift Kits

Wheels, tires, lights, bumpers, winches, camper racks, and more.

Jeep Death Wobble

Common steering and suspension problems associated with Jeeps, tightening and or replacing necessary parts.

Full Service Tune Ups

Fluid changes, spark plug replacements, belts, full engine check up.

Diesel Service & Repair

Service and tune ups, fuel injector and intake cleaning, part servicing and or replacement.

Motorcycle Custom Modifications & Fabrications

Custom handmade exhaust, tanks, fenders, etc.

Motorcycle Service & Repair

Certified Harley technician. Experienced with metric. ATV’s and dirt bikes are a fave!

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Lifetime Warranties

We offer a lifetime warranty on our work and most parts.

Maintenance parts not included, things like windshield wipers, call us for details.

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