5 Common Problems with Motorcycles in Cache Valley

We Love Our Motorcycles

There are a lot of advantages to owning a motorcycle.  Motorcycles are incredibly fuel-efficient and create less pollution, saving you money and keep the air healthy and breathable.  That alone is a good reason, but that’s usually not the reason people get a motorcycle. There’s no denying the sense of freedom and relaxation that comes from riding a motorcycle.

There’s also no denying that there are a number of problems that come up with motorcycles.  In Cache Valley, where cold winters leave them in storage for at least three months, these problems are more common.  Here are the 5 most common problems you can run into and what you can do about them.


Fuel Contamination

Fuel contamination is one of the most common problems motorcyclists in Cache Valley face.  Gasoline doesn’t have the longest of lifespans and breaks down if left stagnant. While this isn’t a problem if you’re using it regularly, the cold winter months in Cache Valley will keep you off the bike.  Sitting in your garage or shop, the fuel will go stale and clog the system.  While there’s nothing you can do about not being able to ride in the winter, you can add fuel stabilizers to the tanks to keep the gas from going bad.  And if you can, try to use up the fuel in your tank just before you put it away for the winter.  That way, when spring comes, you can fill it up with fuel that you know is good.


Dead Batteries

This is another problem that comes up in the winter.  The battery life of a motorcycle is relatively short compared to a car. While this is not a problem for motorcycles that see regular use, the winter break is sometimes all it takes for the battery to die.  Keep a battery charger on hand and hook it up just before you get ready to bring it out for spring.  As a backup, have a couple of spare batteries on hand with your motorcycle accessories, just in case.  That way, you can get right back on as soon as the weather warms up enough.


Worn Tires

Worn tires are a serious problem and could lead to a breakdown or an accident.  The rule of thumb is to replace your tires every 3 years, but remember that’s just a guideline.  Blowouts on a motorcycles are much dangerous than for cars, so don’t take any chances.  Inspect your tires regularly for damage and replace them whenever you spot any signs of problems.  The best way to prevent premature wear is to keep the pressure on your tires at the proper level.  This is another problem that can crop up over the winter, because the cold air will make the air in the tires compress.  This can cause leakage.  Check the pressure each spring before you go on your first ride to make sure the tires are okay.


Poor Chain Lubrication

This is potentially the worst problem you can run into and the one most likely to cause a fatal crash.  If the chain isn’t properly lubricated, it could snap or slip, causing you to skid and crash.  Improper lubrication is another problem more likely to pop up the less you use your motorcycle.  While the motorcycle is sitting, you’re not thinking about its maintenance.  This is an especial problem for the winter months in Cache Valley.  You do not want the chains going bad while you’re on the road.  Make sure that you check the lubrication regularly, and take special care to check on them before you start riding after winter.


Debris in the Interior

Another problem you can run into if you don’t properly maintain your motorcycle is the collection of dirt and debris in the interior.  While not as deadly as the skids and crashes caused by worn tires or broken chains, it will make your motorcycle run poorly.  And again, here in Cache Valley, the winter months make this problem come up more often.  Regular cleaning helps, but who wants to wash a motorcycle during the cold of winter?  Certainly not you, and I don’t blame you.  But while it’s sitting in your garage, it will be gathering dust.  Make sure you wash it before you take it out in the spring.  And make sure you give it regular cleanings while you ride it, as the more you ride, the more debris it collects.


It’s All In Your Hands

The best way to avoid these problems is just to keep up with the maintenance of your motorcycle.  That’s ultimately all up to you.  You have to be the one to remember to take care of your bike’s needs.  That doesn’t mean we can’t help you out, though. If you’ve got any trouble with your motorcycle, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’ll help you make sure you keep your motorcycle running smoothly and keep it going for years to come.

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