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7 Driving Habits That Save Money On Gas

save money on gasDriving is very convenient.  It’s a fast way to get around, which gives you more time to spend doing other things.  The one major problem is that driving requires gas and gasoline is expensive.  It can rack up a huge bill pretty fast if you’re not careful.

So, here are some tips to save money on gas.


1. Accelerate Slowly

Don’t be a lead foot.  The harder you accelerate, the more gasoline is burned getting you up to speed.  Instead, press on the gas pedal gently and build up to your speed slowly.  Generally, it should take you about 5 seconds to accelerate to 15 miles per hour from a full stop.


2. Steady Speed

DrivingBecause acceleration uses the most gas, inconsistent speed is a good way to waste money.  If you have regular dips and spurts of speed while on the road, it can increase the amount of fuel you use by up to 20%.  That’s why many modern cars have cruise control; it helps maintain a constant speed while on the road.  You should make use of this feature if your car has it.


3. Don’t Be in a Hurry

Driving faster requires more energy, so going at high speeds will use up more gas.  Every model will have its differences but typically speaking, once you hit 50 MPH, your car’s gas mileage will start to drop rapidly.  According to some sources, every five miles you drive over 50 can cost you up to 14 cents more per gallon because of the extra fuel usage.


4. Don’t Slam the Breaks

Coasting to a stop is more fuel efficient than a sudden stop.  Whenever possible, you should decelerate slowly.  Not only is it more fuel efficient, it’s much less of a strain on your breaks and tires, saving you money on maintenance.


5. Don’t Idle

As tempting as it is to warm up your car on a cold day, this is a bad idea.  So is having the car on while waiting for a spouse or friend to join you.  Even if you’re not going anywhere, the idle engine is still using gas.  Whenever possible, you should turn the engine off to conserve fuel.


6. Don’t Be a Drag

Wind resistance creates a lot of drag when driving and that means you have more to overcome to accelerate and maintain speed.  Opening your windows will create a small amount of drag that adds up in the long run.  The biggest way to reduce drag, however, is to remove racks for bikes, skis, or luggage.  Racks really mess up the aerodynamics of the car and you usually don’t need them.


7. Buy Gas Early

save fuelThis is one you might not think of on your own, but it is helpful.  Buy your gas early in the day and early in the week.  Like all substances, gasoline expands and becomes less dense as it warms up.  If you get your gas early in the morning, when the gas in the pump is still cool, it will be more dense and you’ll get more out of the pump.  Since gas pumps are not 100% accurate on how much is going through them, this will save you some money.  If you buy gas earlier in the week, you’re more likely to get better prices, too.  For some reason, prices tend to rise between Wednesday and Saturday.


Regular Maintenance

All of the above are driving habits that you have to build for yourself.  But there’s more to getting the most out of your car than just how you drive it.  An important part of saving money is keeping your car in good condition.  Regular maintenance will make sure all the parts are working efficiently and help you get the most out of your car’s performance.  The worse condition your car is in, the more gas it will take to use, whether it’s from a struggling engine, or flat tires.  If you let your car wear out, it’ll cost you.

That’s where we come in.  Here at SE Performance, we’ll help keep your car in the best condition possible.  If you’re looking to improve your car’s performance and save money on gas, then schedule an appointment today.  We’ll get your car running smooth so you can focus on good driving habits.

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